Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey Pants - Sr.

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Brand new for the 2019 hockey season are the Supreme 2S Senior Ice Hockey Pants from Bauer Hockey! Thanks to the anatomical fit, and elite level protection, these pants help keep players performing at the top of their game.

Starting off with the kidney and hip protection on the Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Pants, they feature molded HD foams and molded poly inserts. This protective setup provides players with elite-level protection, and great mobility, all while remaining incredibly lightweight! Around to the spine, players will be fully protected by an independent spine padding with an HD foam insert. This elite-level material provides players with superior protection within the sensitive lower spine area, from impacts like stick checks and contact with the boards.

Players’ thighs will also be fully protected in the Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Pants thanks to the one-piece thigh guard! This setup allows the pants to remain ultra-lightweight, without sacrificing elite-level protection. Furthermore, the pants utilize stretchable leg gussets and zipper openings on the inner thigh, allowing players to achieve maximum mobility and flexibility during their skating strides! Covering everything is the pro-level 8400 nylon with an extra overlay. This material is highly abrasion-resistant, increasing overall appearance and longevity of the pants.

Moving to the interior, the Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Pants feature a ThermoMax+ liner. This liner helps wick moisture away from the body, keeping players dry, comfortable, and light on their feet. This also helps keep the pads fresher, for longer. IX foams are used in the tail pad, which is a material that helps absorb the force of direct impacts like falls onto the ice or blocked shots!

For customizability, the Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Pants utilize MD foam cover belt with a side release buck that allows players to adjust how the pants fit around their waist. The pants also feature a +1-inch extension fit system that allows them to choose how long or short the pants are on the thighs.