Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Pants - Sr.

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Brand new for the 2020 hockey season are the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Ice Hockey Pants from Bauer Hockey. Designed with key features and revision, the 2X pants are some of the best to date.

Starting off with the kidney and hip protection on the Vapor 2X, the hips are designed with a contour tapered fit with molded PE insert protection for premium protection and comfortability. On the kidneys, molded HD Foams are provided to add extra protection in these key areas. On the back, a Flex Spine with X-Lite shield protection will help with falling on your back side and preventing injury from impact on your lower spine.

Around the thighs are Split Cap Molded PE thigh guards which are designed to fit around the players leg and provide the maximum amount of protection possible. Covering everything is pro level 8400 Nylon with extra overlay and stretch zone. This material is highly abrasion-resistant, increasing overall appearance and longevity of the pants.

Finally, on the belt and adjustability, a wraparound belt with a 2-strap closure allows for quick and easy adjustments to the belt line fit of these pants. The 2X will also feature an extension fit +1” that will unzip around the waist and extend the length of these pants by that 1”.

If you are player looking for high levels of comfort, fit, and protection, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Ice Hockey Pants.