Stance NBA Casual InfiKnit Socks

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Rep your favorite NBA Hardwood Classic jersey on your feet in Stance’s latest collection designed around some of the most memorable retro uniforms in NBA history.

Our Infiknit™ technology never rips, never tears. Made for good. But if you’re turbo-gnarly and rip one, we got you.

  • 1. RAW MATERIAL Dropping In... the Good Stuff.
  • 2. EXTRUSIONShaped, Force-Fed & Melted Down
  • 3. AIR JET TEXTURIZINGScuffs To Make it Tough
  • 4. TEXTURED NYLON FIBERRough and Ready Ridges for Extra Muscle
  • 5. SECONDARY FIBERAdditional Fibers are Twisted In... and Presto!