CCM Tacks 710 Helmet - Sr.

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The CCM Tacks 710 Helmet utilizes CCM's most elite protective and comfort technologies. The bulk of the protection comes from the nine D3O Lite foam pods strategically placed throughout the liner to offer excellent impact absorption in such vital areas. These sit on their R.E.D. liquid-filled bladder system that helps to protect players from all types of hits, not just linear forces like traditional helmets.

To top it off, the CCM Tacks 710 debuts an all-new I.Q.SHION foam with an integrated moisture channel. I.Q.SHION has a gel-like feel, allowing the helmet to contour to a player's individual head for an optimally secure and comfortable fit. Unlike the Tacks 310, the 710 also has a sealant layer that helps to prevent the foam from absorbing water during the game.