CCM Extreme Flex E2.5 Goalie Pants - Jr.

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The CCM Extreme Flex Shield E2.5 is the Junior version of the Extreme Flex Shield II. It maintains the same fit, with a tapered waist and bottom of a Premier pant, but sizes it down for the mini goalies of the world.

The CCM Eflex Shield E2.5 Junior goalie pant offers the same 1? extension of the larger pants, as well as the crucial internal belt that CCM has become known for. This allows the pant to be worn more relaxed, for both increase surface area and growing room. The E2.5 junior goal pants use 400D nylon that is built with stretch zones is just the right spots to allow goalies to make the flexible flashy saves we have become known for, while still making sure they are durable for the life of the pant.