Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Prodigy line-up of sticks was specifically designed with youth hockey players in mind. Bauer has done extensive research to provide youth players to make sure that they have the proper "fit" for their height and development.

Using height and weight ranges from information collected from government agencies and also with Bauer’s own research and development, the Prodigy stick lineup has three specific heights. Each stick also has a unique shaft thickness to match it's flex profile so that your child can properly grip and flex their stick...ultimately translating into a more enjoyable experience for them on the ice.

Specifically designed and engineered for today’s youth player with particular focus on shaft geometry, shaft flex, lie and blade stiffness. Prodigy sticks also feature unique graphics on the handle and blade of the stick that help the “first time” hockey player with where to apply tape.

The Yellow 25 flex is suggested for weights under 55lbs and heights under 48”.

The Green 30 flex which is best suited for little guys or gals 50lbs to 70lbs and within the height range of 45” to 55”. 

The Red 35 flex is suggested for players 60lbs to 80lbs and within 50” to 60” in height.


The Blue 40 flex is last size in the Prodigy series. It's ideal for little players 70lbs to 90lbs and for a height range of 55" to 65".