Wilson A2000 1799 SuperSkin 12.75" Baseball Glove - 2021 Model

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  • The Wilson A2000 is designed to be dependable, extremely durable, and perform like people have come to expect with this legendary line.

    The A2000 SuperSkin glove series is the utility player of the Wilson lineup. A versatile mix of Pro Stock leather and man-made SuperSkin makes the glove stronger, lighter and easier to break in than the all-leather A2000.

    If you are an elite-level baseball player looking for a stylish, comfortable and super durable glove that will last you multiple seasons, the Wilson A2000 is the glove for you!

    • 12.75” Outfield Model
    • Dual Post Web
    • Gray SuperSkin/Black Pro Stock Leather
    • Gray SuperSkin/Black Pro Stock Leather