Wilson 6-4-3 KP92 12.5" Baseball Glove

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The 6-4-3 line from Wilson is the perfect combination of quality and affordability. At a mid-level price point, these gloves carry a great value for the excellent materials and construction. Whether it is a player, coach or parent looking to purchase a new mitt, s/he can rest-assured knowing that a glove from the 6-4-3 line will carry the familiar Wilson quality, at a lower cost.

The KP2 is 12.5” in length and designed with MLB Hall of Fame outfielder Kirby Puckett in mind. This glove is ideal for an outfielder and features Wilson’s Pro-Laced T-web, which provides additional stability to the pocket to secure grounders and tough snowcone catches.

The shell, palm and lacing are composed of Wilson’s Double Play leather. This leather is soft and quick to break-in, but does lack in durability. It will shape to the desired pocket rather quickly, but not lack in longevity when properly taken care of. This glove also features Wilson’s Rolled Dual Welting which takes strips of Pro Stock leather and rolls them as the welting for the glove, creating a long-lasting shape with a quicker break-in period.

The backing for this glove features a conventional, open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation, while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit – keeping the glove in place, even during the toughest plays.

Upon arrival, the 6-4-3 glove is nearly ready to use on the field and will require minimal work from the player before hitting the dirt.