Warrior Dynasty AX2 Hockey Stick Sr.

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While the Warrior Dynasty AX2 is second in line after the AX1 it’s not to be overlooked. The stick is only 17 grams heavier than the AX1 and displays many of the same features that made the AX1 such a great twig. Stretch and compression fibers work to give you amplified shooting power regardless of the shot type you are using. The added weight also means added durability to the shaft and blade making this stick a great option for someone looking for a good performing stick that is going to last. Perfect for the men’s league player on a budget that still cares about performance.


  • AxySym Technology - Super Recoil Action
  • Mid Kick - Smooth Full-Length Mid Flex Arc
  • LoFused Construction
  • Hardcore X Blade Core
  • Carbonized Blade
  • TwinSpar Reinforcement
  • Aramid Sole Protection
  • Slick Grip - One-sided Texture
  • Velvet Touch Finish