True Pro Custom 2-Piece Goalie Skate

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TRUE patented TRUE MonoForm, Monique design yields more direct power transfer and unmatched control while in the crease. To book an appointment for a fitting, please call us at (604)-739-8990

Perfect Attack Position

  • Strategically placed eyelets put goalies in the deepest attack position, facilitating natural and more direct energy transfer when moving laterally.

Optimized For Effective Goaltending

  • The patented TRUE tendon guard provides optimized flexibility and stability for a great attack angle and fluid power transfer.

Ultimate Fit, Comfort, And Protection

  • Formed with the monocoque shell, the patented TRUE ToeCap provides superior comfort and unrivalled protection.

Finally, A Pain-Free Skating Experience

  • Built from the inside out using a custom 3D foot last shaped to the individual goalie's foot, our two-tiered customized thermoformed boot locks in the foot, creating a custom fit and unmatched comfort.

Lightweight and Durable

  • The antimicrobial and hydrophobic liner wicks moisture to the venting holes to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Stand Tall In The Net

  • With greater clearance from the ice, achieve an optimized attack angle, deeper stance, and maintained edges before committing to a shooter.


Purchase details:

  • Skates are custom and require in store foot scan