Silverback Ballistic Throwing Set + Carry Bag

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Complete Ballistic Throwing Set (Include 7 Balls + Carry Bag):

  • 2 lb. (Black)
  • 1 lb. (Silver)
  • 11 oz. (Royal Blue)
  • 9 oz. (Neon Pink)
  • 7 oz. (Neon Blue)
  • 5 oz. (Neon Green)
  • 3.5 oz. (Yellow)
  • Carry bag to store and transport

THE Ballistic Ball is unmatched in dependability and durability, created to withstand hundreds of throws and designed for the most rigorous throwing programs in today's game! The ball is designed to be thrown into any hard, flat surface. Apply insane amounts of effort and ground force and let it rip with the confidence in knowing our Ballistic Throwing Balls can handle the force you need/want to exert.