Sherwood Rekker Euro Hockey Stick Sr.

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  • Pure sense shaft runs through blade for better feel
  • VARIMAX Technology layers carbon for better response
  • Foam stabilizer in blade dampens shock waves for additonal comfort
  • Lowkick flex profile allows for quick release shots

The Sher-wood Rekker Euro sticks feature the elite specs of the Nexon N12 stick with a stylish and sleek Rekker graphics. The shaft of the stick features VARIMAX Technology, a carbon composite layering process that strategically orients carbon to provide a direct response with better energy return. Through this process you also get end-to-end stability with torsion control for more accurate and powerful shots. Sher-wood also provides a Pro-Fit shape for better control of the stick and a natural feel. They re-engineered the corner radii and created a consistent flex profile that allows the stick to shoot and feel the same each ice time. Moving down to the blade, a foam stabilizing core dampens high frequency shock waves you may experience when shooting and passing to provide additional comfort and better puck feel. The stabilizing core is wrapped with a high modulus carbon fiber to increase the stiffness of the blade and reduce deflection resulting in more accurate shots. The Sher-Wood Rekker Euro sticks provide players with an excellent feel as well as durability.