Rip-It Vision Pro Batting Helmet w/cage

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  • Best fit, best vision, and lightweight design-- this is what sets the Fit with Vision Pro softball helmet apart from all other options and makes it the best choice for players
  • Not only is this helmet best known for vision capabilities at the plate, but it also allows for peripheral vision-- making players more aware of what's going on around them while on base
  • The Fit with Vision Pro face mask was designed with only what was needed, making it a fraction of the weight of other softball helmets with face masks
  • All Fit with Vision Pro softball helmets feature Blackout Technology, which is embedded on the inside of the face mask, eliminating 100% of the glare coming off of the face mask and helping players focus on the ball so they can hit like never before
  • Twenty-one strategically placed air vents help make the Fit with Vision Pro the most advanced softball batting helmet ever made
  • Designed to work in conjunction with the Fit with Vision Pro's air vents, the moisture management padding helps players stay dry and comfortable
  • The high density padding included in the Fit with Vision Pro softball helmet creates an exceptional performance barrier between the shell of the helmet and the low density comfort padding
  • With a wide channel and a generous opening for the base of the ponytail, the Fit with Vision Pro is the most ponytail friendly softball helmet yet
  • Sizing: Small/Medium (6 - 6 7/8), Medium/Large (6 1/2 - 7 3/8