Rawlings Velo Youth Y151CV Wood Composite Baseball Bat

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This Composite VELO baseball bat features the popular 151 profile with a guaranteed -5 oz weight drop. This bat also has a pro cupped end for a great balance and a 15/16"" handle for comfort and control.

With a larger hitting surface and increased sweetspot, Rawlings' VELO bats are best suited for players looking to maximize their swing speed while seeking a more balanced stick. Rawlings' Composite Wood bats are constructed from eco-friendly bamboo and the strongest maple wood available, and feature a balanced weight distribution for a improved swing speed. Designed to last, these new bats are 2X more durable than previous models! Rawlings utilizes the most durable portion of the bamboo located at the base of the plant to construct the bat's handle and middle taper area.

Bat Specifications
Wood: Maple/Bamboo Composite
Drop: -5 guarantee or lighter
Barrel: Medium (2 1/2"")
Handle: 15/16""
Swing Weight: Balanced
Cupped: Yes
Turn Model: 151
Grip: Vulcan Advanced Polymer
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty