Rawlings Velo Two Tone Batting Helmet R16A2

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The Rawlings Velo Two Tone Batting Helmet is one of the most stylish looking helmets in the game. This classic helmet has been perfected with an eye-catching finish and is a perfect option to provide a comfortable fit. This smart option for ultimate protection features a perfect mix of comfort and style. This batting helmet is crafted with a 16 vent design that includes Heat Exchange technologies and COOL FLO XVI style venting. The Heat Exchange vents presented in this helmet circulate cooler ambient air quickly and enhances the helmet’s cooling effect. This two-tone metallic/matte paint finish also includes wrapped jaw pads that ensure exceptional comfort.

• Two-Tone Matte/Metallic paint finish

• Meets NOCSAE standard

• 16 vent design featuring

• COOLFLO® XV1™ style venting

• Heat Exchange™ technologies

• Wrapped jaw pads

• Fits masks: R16WG/R16JWG

• Sizing: 6 7/8 – 7 5/8

Rawlings Velo Two Tone Batting Helmet R16A2