Louisville Slugger Pro Stock Lite C271 Ash Baseball Bat (-5) - PL271-BK

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$15.76 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • Approximate -5 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Black Finish
  • Cut From #1 Grade Northern White Ash Wood
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Turning Model: C271

Louisville Slugger IS baseball. For over 125 years, Louisville Slugger has dominated the batter's box in Major League Baseball. Still to this day, more teams and players swing Louisville Slugger than any other brand. No other bat combines heritage, expertise and passion for the game like Louisville Slugger. Slugger uses superior lumber and superior craftsmanship to create a better, harder, and longer-lasting wood bat. The Louisville Slugger Pro Stock Lite has been created using Northern White Ash Wood, one of the most high performing types of wood used in today's market! These bats are most commonly used as practice bats for high school, collegiate, adult senior league and even minor league pro players. This series features a cupped end and a light swing weight, which is designed to give hitters phenomenal control. The ash wood naturally adds power, and provides a large sweet spot to go along with its extra light weight design. Take this Pro Stock C271 turning model and its all black finish to the batter's box today! Let the games begin! Choose Louisville Slugger.