Head Extreme Lite Pickleball Paddle

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The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle has a quick and controlled feel that allows you to calmly react to any situation. The angular shape lends itself to better maneuverability while cutting away unnecessary surface area. Its graphite surface improves precision in addition to gripping pickleballs for improved spin. The interior polymer core offers excellent feel and durability.

The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle is 16" long and weighs an average of 7.4 oz so that it can be easily manipulated at the net. Its handle length is 5" and it has a medium grip size. The paddle has a black and grey background with a line horizontally segmenting the face near the lower third of its design. Above it lies the swooping HEAD logo and below it is the paddle's name.

The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle feels comfortable in the hand and allows players to respond naturally to fast-paced play.