Easton Pro 10 Hockey Gloves - Sr.

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The Easton Pro 10 glove design is driven by feedback from pro players. Built with a traditional volume fit and feel, the gloves focus on protection and performance. The shell of the glove uses a lightweight and durable knit fabric called ProLite Tex which is what is used by the pros. Keeping with the traditional feel as well, the Pro 10 glove feature two-piece fingers throughout the hand.

The palm of the glove is comprised of dual layer grey nash with a pro-grip overlay through the abrasion areas for added durability. This overlay is placed in the stick contact areas to decrease wear and tear from the butt end, rubberized grip on shafts and just general use.

Protection-wise the glove features Easton’s Dual Shox foam with PE inserts throughout the fingers, thumb and back of the hand. The cuff of the glove offers a three-piece construction to provide maximum protection while allowing full wrist mobility.