Easton Extended Jaw Guard

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The Easton Extended Jaw guard C Flap protects the batter from bad pitches thrown by pitchers. It is installed on the side of the helmet that faces the pitcher, which makes it an integral part of any helmet. The Easton Extended Jaw Guard is manufactured using impact-resistant thermoplastic, which makes it sturdy enough to withstand fast impacts. You will have your children feel much safer and confident stepping into the box with this cheek protector. The Easton baseball jaw guard fits the Easton PRO X, Z5 2.0 and Z5 helmets in all sizes, without any need for drilling holes. It is compliant with safety standards and prevents damage to your head by repelling hard blows. The Pro X jaw guard is easy to install on the helmet and is available in left-handed and right-handed versions. Color matching hardware comes with an extended jaw guard.

• Manufactured using impact resistant thermoplastic

• Fits PRO X, Z5 2.0 and Z5 helmets in all sizes, eliminating the need to drill any holes

• Extra protection on the side of the helmet facing the pitcher

• Available in left-handed or right-handed versions

• Color matching hardware included

• Easy to install on the helmet

• Protection from wayward pitches

• Compliant with NOCSAE standards

• Easton C Flap