CCM Tacks 7092 Senior Ice Hockey Girdle

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The CCM Tacks 7092 girdle and shell pant offers a snug fit with excellent protection for both kids and adults. With the recent popularity of girdle systems due to their protection and weight benefits, the Tacks 7092 is designed to offer another protective option for all ages.

A two-piece construction of the girdle and shell separately lets you replace the girdle shell with any team pant shells you may use to provide a more lightweight fit. The girdle also offers a more customized than the traditional pant by allowing you to adjust the thigh protection in height and drop the overall height of the pant by 1” with a hidden zipper system.

Moving to the protection aspects of the 7092 girdle, it features molded PE foam thigh guards and kidney pads to offer high impact protection at a low. The spine guard utilizes molded PE foam as well and offers a PE insert to add rigidity to the protection.

Offered in both Navy and Black, the girdle shell systems have been very popular as of late and the Tacks 7092 is sure to follow suit.

  • Pro 4000 Nylon with Side Panel Reinforcement
  • Adjustable Thigh Guard
  • JDP Cap
  • Molded PE Thigh
  • Molded PE Foam Spine
  • Comes with Black Shell