CCM Super Tacks Team Hockey Stick- Sr. (2- Pack)

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Introducing an optimized Super Tacks construction with our C6 Carbon Weave on the blade and shaft. This optimized mid-kick stick will give players an increased level of power and stability.

Stick Flex Profile
The Tacks Team Stick features a soft mid-section that allows for a longer period to store more energy. A stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response. The long loading period combined with the stability at the taper zone is ideal for heavy shooters who like to lean into their shots while maintaining maximum control of the accuracy. 

Shaft Construction
The CCM Team Hockey Stick features C6 Carbon Fibre Weave technology throughout the shaft and blade of the Team Stick. This provides the stick an advanced level of strength and stiffness which gives you trusted durability. The shaft also features T-Shape shaft geometry, which is a squared off traditional shaft shape designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The blade on the Super Tacks Team Stick is the Ascent Blade 2 which is reinforced with C6 Carbon Fibre Weave. Pairing these technologies together provides a blade stiffness profile that transitions from a soft heel to an extra stiff toe. This gives the player an advanced level of puck feel and quick releases off the blade. CCM has also included Peel Ply texture to the blade for added control.