CCM Sniper's Edge SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer

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$45.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
This sweet stickhandling trainer is the perfect tool to add to your back pocket for on or off-ice training. Incorporate the trainer into stickhandling drills - the more you use the tool, the closer you will get to having hands like Patrick Kane!
The stickhandling trainer is constructed of heavy duty high-quality plastic - it is perfect for use on or off the ice. It is designed for training - the tool will help you learn and develop basic stickhandling skills, and you can even use it for more complex moves like toe-drags, chip/flip plays, etc. The SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer from Snipers Edge and CCM is the perfect aid for players of all ages and skill levels. Pair it with a Smart Ball, Green Biscuit or even a regular on-ice puck...and get dangling!