CCM Sniper's Edge Slick Hockey Floor Tiles

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With Sniper’s Edge Slick Tiles Dryland Flooring Tiles, any unused space can become a training area.  Perfect for hockey players with limited access to ice, Slick Tiles Hockey Floor Tiles allow you to build an ice-like surface in almost any room, to practice your shooting, passing, and stick handling skills.  Create your very own training area at home just like the Pros

These 12” by 12” dryland hockey floor tiles snap together in seconds, and mimic the slickness of real ice.Available in White or Ice Blue you'll get the feel of real ice as you are developing your skills.  You can even add red lines, blue lines or a goalie crease to make your dryland floor training area just like a real sheet of ice!

Slick Tiles Hockey Flooring is  extremely durable and are UV protected so they can be used outside on your driveway or sport court or inside.  They can be used on blacktop, concrete or even on low pile carpet and slightly uneven surfaces.