CCM Sniper's Edge Passmaster

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The Passmaster from Snipers Edge and CCM is a training tool perfect for your on or off-ice training needs - pair it with a Green Biscuit, roller hockey puck, or a regular on-ice puck and you're good-to-go! The Passmaster features high-quality industrial strength bands that allow you to pass pucks back-and-forth with the training aid. Use it to develop your passing skills, or set up the tool to the side of your net to work on catch-and-release wrist/snap shots, and even one-timers!
As mentioned above, the Passmaster is constructed of high-quality materials. Use it season after season, on and off the ice. The training aid features 3 usable sides designed to improve your skills - put this bad boy to use and improve your passing, shooting and quick hand ability. Lastly, the Passmaster from Snipers Edge and CCM comes with removable spikes to keep the unit in place (they can also work for on-ice use).