CCM Jetspeed Youth 10 Flex Hockey Stick

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Brand new for 2020, CCM is proud to announce their newest iteration of the JetSpeed Youth stick. Specifically made for a youth player, the CCM JetSpeed Youth Hockey Stick is equipped with features to make the experience and performance of a youth stick better than ever.

Starting off with the flex ratio of the JetSpeed Youth, CCM designed this feature with kids in mind. The flex ratio on this stick helps aspiring players load their stick while providing tons of support for great stickhandling and passing.

Moving on to the technology in the shaft of the JetSpeed, CCM has used a lightweight and super durable shaft that is designed to help smaller hands handle a stick like it’s second nature to them. Developed using cutting-edge design tools to substantially reduce weight without sacrificing durability, the JetSpeed stick offers a ton in the hands of the young player using this stick.

Along with the shaft technology, this JetSpeed Youth features Sigmatex spread tow which was developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM, this high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that makes stick light, strong and durable.

Around the outside of the JetSpeed stick is a full grip for greater stick control and minimized rotation in the hands of the youth player. This grip will help the young player achieve those two things by keeping a grip on their stick, which provides each player with valuable experience in getting use to a player stick.

Down at blade, a specific curve, size, and lie angle is used to help young player grab the puck and upgrade their shooting technique. This is important for a young player because this standardized curve is the best selection possible to aid in learning a clean and quick shot at a young age.

If you are a young player who is looking for a stick that is specifically designed for youth players who are learning the game and needs a stick that caters to perfecting the art of stick handling, shots, and any other aspect of the game, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed Youth Hockey Stick.