CCM GF 7000 Goal Mask Junior

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The CCM 7000 Goalie Mask offers solid protection and is inspired by the legendary Leferve family PRO mask authentic design. The Pro-inspired shell design increases the goaltenders vision to improve performance and reaction time.

Shell construction on the CCM 7000 goalie helmet is constructed from a high grade molded polycarbonate ensuring a high level of protection. The molded profile allows the goaltenders face to sit in deeper, improving the goalies peripheral vision. CCM's VN foam liner is very durable and provides excellent shot protection and traditional feel. The painted carbon certified straight bar cage offers excellent protection and rust resistance. The fit on the CCM 7000 mask can be adjusted using the standard five-point harness strapping system.

  • Model Number: GF7000
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of play:
    • Roller: Intermediate -> Advanced
    • Ice: Entry -> Intermediate