CCM E-Flex 760 II Senior Goalie Pads

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New for 2015, CCM carries on its popular Extreme Flex series at the economical price point through the Extreme Flex II 760 goal pads. The E-Flex II features many of the aspects the E-Flex 400 had, with a few updates to improve performance. The boot flex is set at 90 degrees to maintain the excellent mobility of the 400, but the 760 adds CCM's new Torsional Flex system, which makes the boot softer for even better mobility. The 760 also features a single-break outer roll to give the pad good flexibility while keeping the upper part of the pad stiff for five-hole coverage. The 760 still features the tradition knee rolls and a pre-curved, double break interior to maximize flexibility and five-hole coverage.

The leg channel utilizes a shallow fit to reduce friction when the pad rotates into the butterfly. The knee lock and leg channel are comprised of nylon to keep the pad light and comfortable. A recessed foam knee cradle offers a huge landing area for the goalie's knee and keeps the knee area very open, ideal for goalies who wear bulkier thigh guards. The knee lock strap can be placed in one of two places, either directly across the knee or diagonally downward, connecting the the top of the calf wrap, to offer a more open fit behind the knee. A removable, legal thigh protector provides knee and thigh protection while in the butterfly.

The 760 offers many of the great features of the higher-level CCM pads without the price tag, making them an excellent choice for recreational goalies.The 760 comes updated with the edgy E-Flex II graphics package.

  • 90 degree boot flex with Torsional Flex
  • Single-break outer roll 
  • Large knee cradle and landing area, ideal for goalies who wear bulkier thigh guards
  • Pre-curved, double-break core
  • Flat inner edge for great butterfly support


32" + 1"

33" + 1"

34" + 1"