CCM E-Flex 400 Junior Goal Pads - 28"+1"

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The name says it all for the new CCM Extreme Flex 400 line.  It is both extremely flexible in the boot and has a good amount of torsional flex in the shin area. This allows the goalie to more easily load his/her push leg in a butterfly recovery as well as easily direct rebounds to the corner. The face of the pad is layered in soft foam giving the goalie closer rebounds.

The new 90 degree boot angle is both flatter and softer than what is found on it's Reebok counterpart, the Premier 4. The knee and calf landings are bindingless to provide maximum durability. The tight leg channel with calf Velcro allows the goalie to maintain control of the pad without having to wear the leather straps tight. The open knee cradle allows ample space for bigger knee guards as well as offering superb pad rotation and balance. Unlike the Reebok P4, the CCM EFlex pads have a flat inside medial (inside) edge, which means that the goalie is more stable and in control when in the butterfly. The knee lock Velcro can attach to the outside of the knee cradle or to the outside calf wrap. 

The new CCM Extreme Flex 400 leg pads are the perfect combination of a butterfly and hybrid style pad.

Instead of leather straps that are found of the Pro and 500 model pads, the 400 has nylon straps and plastic clips. The 400 series leather is made of polyurethane leather instead of the microfiber that is used on the EFlex 500. Nylon is made of 400D, the same that is on the 500 model. The outside roll has two break on this model. The 400 series is an entry level pad and is great for goalies that only play a few days a week or the younger goalie who is still growing.