CCM 2052 Hockey Skates - Jr.

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The Tacks name is legendary among hockey skates. Boasting a rich history dating all the way back to 1905, we knew any new boot to bear the “Tackaberry” name would have a lot to live up to. Let us be the first to say, the CCM Tacks 2052 Junior provides an ideal, entry level package for recreational skaters or players just finding their edges.

An injected, inner core with a sublimated outer make up the quarter package of the Tacks 2052 Junior boot; making them comfortable and forgiving right out of the box.

The new SpeedBlade Pro holder provides the same advantages as the higher end Speedblade 4.0 but with a non-replaceable CCM Stainless runner. The holders are then riveted to a TPR outsole providing an ice ready package.

The Contoured Fit profile provides a close fit in the heel and ankle with a medium width throughout the boot. A Brushed Nylon lines the entirety of the boot, ensuring a comfortable fit along with great durability. Add a 5mm High Density Felt Tongue and you have a boot that provides lightweight performance with superior fit and comfort.

If you’re a recreational skater looking for out of the box comfort, pick up the CCM Tacks 2052 Junior today and go on the attack!