Bownet UtiliTee Portable Batting Tee

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Want to take a good crack at the ball even when there's no one to pitch to you? The Bownet® UtiliTee™ is a durable and versatile tee for every baseball and softball player who wants to Play Anywhere, Play Now. Using a baseball hitting tee and net allows you to work on making good contact with balls in certain locations - without relocating them through windows and into neighbors' yards. Whether you prefer a modern brush tee for baseball practice or are looking for something more traditional, the UtiliTee pro system has a solution that's best for you.

Our custom baseball and softball tee has a choice of three different adjustable tee heads to provide the feel and stability you need for letting it rip:

  • The UtiliTee Brush Top is made of engineered nylon bristle that provides a more game-like swing feel than traditional tees. The height is adjustable from 24 to 42 inches.
  • Mesh Top™ is made of an abrasion-resistant poly filament that provides a great feel, low resistance and high exit velocity for smacking powerful liners. It can stand from 26 to 44 inches high.
  • Our Wrap Top hitting tees have an industry-standard rubber wrap head that is flexible and has a traditional feel. It's also the tallest option with an adjustable height of 28 to 51 inches.