Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Hockey Stick - Junior

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The New Bauer X900 Lite stick is a top tiered stick in the next generation of Bauer’s Vapor line. Continuing the focus on quick release shots, the X900 lite is revamped with improved QRT technology which features an aggressive taper that gives this stick a low kick profile and has also been completely optimized with a new blade design. The result ends with an X900 lite hockey stick that has been made lighter, faster, and stronger than its predecessor

The X900 Lite contains a 3K carbon shaft that is 10% stronger than a traditional basket weave. Added to this is the R3 resin, which will provide elite level durability. This resin also works with the carbon fibers to improve the energy transfer during shots.

The blade of the X900 Lite features Bauer’s New Max Balance Blade Technology. The edges have been re-enforced and the carbon fiber placement has been done in a way to reduce weight and provide better balance. The Bimax 3K carbon blade wrap adds interlocking 3K carbon for added strength. The outcome of all this is a blade that is balanced and durable yet offers excellent feel, playability and performance