Bauer Vapor X600 Hockey Skates - Sr.

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Having the most efficient equipment is a sizable advantage in the world of sports today. That’s why Bauer’s Vapor X600 Ice Skates are a fine fit. They provide a comfortable, efficient option that performs well on the ice.

First off, these skates come with the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge blade holder and Tuuk Super Stainless Steel runners. These runners are designed to fuse strength and performance with high-grade aluminum, reducing the weight of the runner. If you’re looking to bake your skates, these feature a tech-mesh nylon quarter package with a thermoformed X-rib pattern.

The Form-Fit footbed is designed to promote better alignment, energy transfer, support and overall comfort. These skates also feature an anatomical two-piece 40 oz. felt tongue with a metatarsal guard. Your feet will be well-supported with the help of the patented, integrated anatomical heel and ankle support system. Anaform foam ankle pads will provide just the right amount of support. The hydrophobic microfiber liner will keep the sweat away and help prevent bacteria from forming, keeping your skates fresher for longer. A clear injected TPU outsole reduces the weight and adds to your quickness.

  • Thermoformable upper
  • Patented integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support
  • Anaform foam ankle pads
  • Hydrophobic microfiber liner
  • Clear injected TPU outsole
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge blade holder
  • Tuuk Super Stainless Steel runner