Bauer Vapor X500 Junior Skates

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Make your last stride as quick as your first and leave your opponent in the dust with the new Bauer Vapor X500 Junior Ice Hockey Skate. New for 2017, the Bauer Vapor X500 skate builds upon the concepts that made the 2015 Vapor line one of the top models of skates on the market, with new improvements for unmatched speed and quickness.

The Bauer Vapor X500 Junior Ice Hockey Skates are a mid-level skate providing solid support and stiffness for skaters. The boot will be composed of reinforced Trueform PU for a highly supportive, low volume fit. The X-rib pattern will provide more stiffness and support in the heel and ankle of the skate.

Internally the skate will feature anaform ankle padding, which provides comfort and support skaters are looking for. Also, when heated it forms to the skaters foot to provide a better fit with less break in time. The padding will be covered with a hydrophobic microfiber liner. This liner wicks away moisture to keep your foot dry throughout the game and dry faster in between them.

Coming from the boot will be Bauer’s Lightspeed Edge holder. This revolutionary holder uses a trigger system to make swapping out damaged or broken steel quick and easy. The holder will also sit three milometers higher than older model Tuuk holders. By raising and narrowing the holder, skaters can get lower into turns without bottoming out. The X500 will come standard with Tuuk’s super stainless steel.

If you are a recreational player looking for more than an entry pair of skates, look no further than the Bauer Vapor X500 Junior Ice Hockey Skates.