Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Sr. Hockey Stick

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The Supreme series of sticks from Bauer is all about strength and power. The mid-kick flex profile and the Supreme power taper are attributes that are found throughout the line and are engineered to boost energy output. The NXG stick was designed to feel more like the One95 but with performance attributes of the TotalOne. Bauer uses the best stick technologies that they have to offer to create a stick that allows you to fully maximize the power behind your shot.

The true one-piece NXG is among the lightest sticks on the market and that's one of the first things that you'll notice when you pick one up. Bauer uses a single molding process, or Monocomp technology, which allows them to remove excess material all while improving balance and performance consistency. Weight is further reduced in the NXG through a lighter resin system and through the use of Bauer's exclusive TeXtreme® technology, which is a strong carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon.

The eLASTech resin system enhances durability by adding reinforcements in the resin that help reduce the spread of micro-fractures and helps extend the life of the sticks "pop". The square shaft shape with double-concave walls is preferred among pros, plus the addition of Tac-Spiral ridges provides a super-secure grip no matter what shot you are taking.

This stick has the Supreme power taper, which means a little more thickness in the hosel of the taper which is typical of a mid flex stick and allows you to maximize the load through the amplified mid-kick point. This taper in conjunction with the expanded throat of the Pure Shot Blade Profile means less torqueing and twisting, thus improving accuracy and blade control.

The NXG uses Bauer's Power Core 4 blade. This is a patented dual-density construction which consists of Aero Foam II in the heel, providing torsional stiffness and improved balance, while the Power Core 4 material in the blade enhances feel and reduces weight. The blade also includes durability stitches, which creates better adhesion between the core materials and the blade wrap. The TeXtreme® technology is also visible in the blade and there is also a bit of texture to the outer coating, so if you are someone who only tapes a portion of the blade, that texture is going to provide an extra bite on the puck.

Loaded with Bauer's best stick technologies, the Supreme TotalOne NXG has been engineered to add more power to your shot. It's available in a nice matte finish, or in the slightly different graphic of the Griptac finish. Check one out today.