Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Youth Hockey Stick

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The new Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 hockey stick is technologically designed to give players powerful slap shots and harder one-timers to blow past goalies.The shaft features a square, double concave taper that is thicker in the glove hosel area to encourage better hand positioning when gripping the stick. The 520 power taper boosts torsional stiffness for max loading with less torque and twisting, and gives additional control and precision when stick handling and shooting.

The amplified mid-kick flex profile minimizes shaft deflection on powerful shots and optimizes energy transfer when loading and releasing a shot, so players have maximum energy output with very minimum effort when shooting. The newest and latest feature Bauer is introducing to the MX3 is the Power Sense Core 2 blade, setting a new standard of sense technology. The outer portion of the blade has been updated with integrated SENSE layer material, as well as TeXtreme® carbon fiber, resulting in reduced blade weight and improved balance and shooting accuracy.