Bauer Supreme S190 Hockey Gloves - Sr.

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Searching for a form-fitting hockey mitt with a snug anatomical fit that does not easily get holes in the palm or even worse, your wallet? The Bauer Supreme S190 glove is going to be right up your alley.
Top of the line construction from the inside out has made the S190 a smart buy that not only feels and performs strong, but looks stellar as well.
Jumping into the features of the Bauer S190, there are double density foams, PE inserts, and a multi-segmented design with XRD Foam technology to keep your hand protected. The strategically placed foams give you the best of both worlds by minimizing any damage taken from impacts without sacrificing on-ice performance. A Pro nylon and cable mesh shell will help maintain the superb look of the glove and Bauer’s patented 2-piece flex lock thumb will prevent hyperextension of the thumb on impacts. If palm durability is your thing, then the Supreme S190 has got you covered with an AX Suede Quattro Pro palm to improve durability and help prevent those giant holes we all hate.

The same Free Flex cuff that can be found on the 1S will be included on the Supreme S190 adding additional wrist mobility and flexibility without giving up that bare feel Supreme followers have come to know and love. 37.5 liner, which is designed to use your body’s temperature to help wick away moisture, has been added to the S190 to better assist players with keeping their mitts dry. The inclusion of Sanitized odor resistance is the cherry on top for glove wearers who want to keep things bacteria free and smelling nice.