Bauer Supreme one90 Senior Trapper FULL RIGHT

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The Supreme ONE90 catch glove is a "butterfly" style glove made for maximum net coverage and rebound control. It fits and feels much like the Supreme One80 catch glove, with a few key differences to help maximize performance.

The most noticable difference in the ONE90 catch glove is the one piece cuff and thumb. This rigid design stabilizes a large portion of the glove's blocking surface, which makes rebound control more predictable on shots to the cuff. A slight flare at the very top of the cuff helps deflect rebounds forward and prevents puck skip over.

On the inside of the glove, pre-molded finger placement gloves with texture have been added to help make the glove easier to grip and close. The backhand features three adjustment straps (wrist, backhand, and fingers) for a more customized fit, and air knit finger stalls help with air circulation and palm drying.

The pocket features a wide, deep double-T web which expands upon impact to stop puck rotation and helps eliminate pop outs. The T-bar at the top of the pocket is pre-molded for easy closure.

  • One piece cuff design
  • Pre-molded finger placement stalls with texture for easy grip and closure
  • Three backhand adjustment straps for a custom fit 
  • Wide, deep Double-T pocket
  • Flexible backhand cuff for easy closure and great protection