Bauer Supreme One.7 Chest & Arm Protector - Jr.

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The Bauer Supreme One.7 is the newest addition to the Supreme line of chest protectors, offering good quality and protection at a more affordable price point.

The body is constructed of both high density (HD) and low density (LD) foams, creating a flexible, protective body designed to form to every movement the goalie makes. The body is complimented by large HD foam shoulder floaters to offer maximum coverage in net for the butterfly style of goaltender. Unique to the Bauer One.7 is a fully elastic/Velcro Adjustable Belly System (ABS), allowing for goalies to choose a loose fit, tight fit, or anywhere in between. Exclusively on the One.7, a removable lower body block extensions allow for an even more customized fit and creates the option of a shorter or longer body depending on the goalie’s needs.

The arms are constructed of HD and LD foams with a tapered fit for maximum mobility and coverage, catering to both a hybrid and butterfly goalie’s style of play. The arms are customizable for an exact fit through a fully laced arm adjust system and three nylon strap elbow adjustments.

The Bauer Supreme One.7 is designed to cater to both the butterfly and hybrid style goalie at the beginner to intermediate level of play looking for a chest protector that offers an optimal combination of adjustability and value.