Bauer Reactor 5000 Senior Trapper

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  • Free Flex Cuff Improves Range of Motion
  • Increased Palm Protection from Previous Model
  • New Break-Stitch Pattern Increases Feel

The Reactor 5000 from Bauer is a great choice for the amateur goaltender looking for pro features without the high cost. The 5000 is constructed with a redesigned 60 degree catching angle and a new break stitch pattern to drastically improve feel off the shelf. The face of the trapper includes increased palm protection from its predecessor and a deep single T to improve puck retention. On the back side, Bauer continues to include its Free Flex cuff to allow easy chest protector integration while facilitating full wrist range of motion. The panels covering the back of the hand are also segmented to fully protect the goaltender whether the 5000 is opened or closed.