Bauer Reactor 4000 Goalie Pads - Intermediate

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The Bauer Reactor 4000 goal pad is a continuation of the popular Reactor design, focusing on speed, mobility, and performance for quicker, more aggressive goaltending. This “Battlefly” style of pad allows goalies to read and react to plays with athleticism and instinct for superior performance in the crease.

The core of the pad features the unique Pro Core insert, creating a lightweight and flexible pad that remains durable over extended use. This core is designed to react to the natural movements of the goalie in all situations. The Pro Core is specifically designed to be incredibly flexible for a “broken-in” feel out of the box while remaining resistant to breaking down and pad shrinkage over time. The double external, double internal break allows for maximum coverage and upper thigh rise support while still allowing fluid, flexible movements within the crease.

Compared to the Reactor 2000 leg pad, the 4000 and 4000x will offer provide better quality materials, including core foams, to create a pad that is more resistant to wear and likely to hold up longer over heavy use.

For the Battlefly style goalie looking for a pad with exceptional mobility and response, there is no better choice than the Bauer Reactor 4000.


Available in 28", 30", 32"