Bauer Nexus 6000 Hockey Skates - Sr.

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The Nexus 6000 skates provide solid support and performance in a high value package. Arguably the highest value option in this year’s Nexus line, the 6000 features variable stiffness, compression molded, EVA with performance nylon and integrated Speed Flex channels. These speed flex channels are reminiscent of the X-rib pattern found in the Vapor line, and help provide added stiffness and rigidity to the heel and quarter package.

The Nexus 6000 offers a classic fit profile featuring a traditional “Deep-V” heel shape, combined with an anatomically molded upper and insole. The result is a boot that provides a comfortable, secure heel lock, while allowing for better wrap along the top of the foot. These fit characteristics, combined with the heat molding properties of the Bauer 6000, amount to a boot that is comfortable right out of the box , and is very accommodating to players with higher volume feet.

The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder has established itself as a game changer, and now makes its debut in the Nexus line. The new holder not only provides an added three millimeters of height, allowing for a more aggressive angle of attack, but also allows players to switch out the TUUK Super EDGE stainless steel (found on the Nexus 6000) on the fly.

The anatomical, white, 2-piece felt tongue is a robust 48 oz. and features a molded metatarsal guard, providing comfort and added protection on the ice. The 6000 will also feature a Hydra Max Mesh liner, which helps wick away moisture and dries quickly, prolonging the life of the skates. Add Bauer’s Molded EVA footbed and you have a complete package of comfort and performance.

If you’re looking for a skate that offers high end features and performance in a higher volume, wider boot, the Nexus 6000 may provide you with the most bang for your buck.