Bauer APX Hockey Stick Sr.

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The revolution continues with the Bauer Vapor APX Composite Stick. From a new blade core that offers more feel with less weight, to a flex profile that changes based on what type of shot you're taking; the Bauer Vapor APX Composite Stick has been tuned to perform.

The main improvement in the Vapor APX Stick is the introduction of Bauer's newest blade technology; a technology so unique it was granted a patent by both US and Canadian governments. Through extensive testing, Bauer  combined the soft feel of their Power Core 3 technology, found on their Supreme line of composites, with the weight saving blade features found in the Vapor line. The result is a dual-density blade core that offers a perfect balance of feather- weight status while offering true puck feel. 

Additional blade features include super-strong TexTreme composite construction along with an increased connection point at the blade-shaft transition,  which reduces the twisting of the blade while shooting or passing and thus improves control and accuracy.  Although the connection point between blade and shaft is enlarged, the overall material at the joint is reduced via Bauer's Monocomp Technology; a single molding process that ensures true one-piece shaft/blade construction and also reduces weight by eliminating excess material found at the transition.  The combination of composite material, reinforced blade profile, and weight-saving balance provide excellent accuracy and power.

Other advancements include, Bauer's Intelli-Sense shot technology, which utilizes dual flex-zones on the shaft  that flex differently based on hand position. This offers a quick release on wrist shots as well as a powerful flex on slap shots. Rounded shaft edges with double concave walls provide hand comfort and stability while a the Vapor Premium Dual Taper improves accuracy by focusing energy lower in the shaft and decreasing torsional deflection.  The matte finish feels great and easily allows your hands to move freely without feeling slippery.  Eye-catching graphics round out the overall experience.