2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution 2 5/8" USA Bat (-10) - YBB19GXE10

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Newly designed with optimized barrel technology, the 2019 Easton® Ghost® X EVOLUTION USA Bat is a two-piece composite built with the most advanced materials. This -10 model is speed balanced with a lighter swing weight that puts more velocity behind the ball on contact.

Advanced Materials, Explosive Power:

  • EXACT™ Carbon – Engineering x Advanced Carbon Technology one-piece construction provides better feeling in the hands and maximizes pop
  • CXN EVOLUTION™ construction uses NITOCELL™ foam to create a lighter, better feeling and higher performance connection between barrel and handle
  • Enhanced DYNAMIC FEEL SYSTEM™ integrates the two technologies to optimize the feeling on contact
  • SPEED CAP™ provides a more flexible and responsible barrel while enhancing the sound of the bat
  • Custom Lizard Skin™ grip provides the ultimate feel, cushion and tack