2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid USA Baseball Bat (-10)

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Completely re-designed to enhance the feel and provide a better connection between handle and barrel, the 2018 Easton® Beast X Hybrid USA Bat also includes an extended barrel design to enlarge the sweet spot.

Unleash The Beast:

Dynamic Feel System™: Integrated hybrid design provides hitters an improved feel 
Exact™ Carbon handle and ATAC alloy barrel combine to have a slight end-loaded with a balanced feel
Re-designed to enhance feel, the two-piece Connection+™ technology is a new standard of excellence
ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) is a strong, durable aluminum that creates a powerful barrel
X-tended barrel design – Z-Core™ internal core technology and ATAC alloy deliver a larger sweet spot
31/32’’ Exact™ carbon handle with increased cushion in the 1.4mm HYPERSKIN™ grip


  • Drop: -10
  • Barrel Diameter: 2-5/8"
  • Handle Material: Exact™ Carbon
  • Barrel Material: ATAC Alloy
  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Swing Weight: Slight End-Load
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Series: Beast X
  • Year: 2018
  • Age: Youth
  • Certification(s): USA