Warrior AK27 Sr. Shaft

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The Warrior AK27 hockey shaft is the work horse of the Warrior hockey shaft line. Warrior has used their top of the line material Carbon Elite to construct the AK27 shaft. This material with the Multi-Bias fiber offers a great overall weight and solid durability. With a name like AK27 it better pack some heat.

  • Construction:
    • Carbon Elite construction using the highest quality lightweight carbon fiber
    • Multi-Bias fiber placement to reinforce internal shaft structure and improve impact durability
  • Shaft:
    • Linear taper for smoother flex reaction and utmost energy transfer from consistent flex arc
  • Geometry:
    • Pro-Balance handle design for improved stick feel and weight distribution
  • Grip:
    • Clear - Non-Grip
  • Flex: 85, 100
  • Shaft Length: 52"
  • Weight: 323 grams (based on 85 flex)
  • Fits: Traditional Replacement Blades