(2-Pack) Rawlings Velo Matt Kemp Bone Rubbed Ash Baseball Bat

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(2-Pack) Rawlings Velo Matt Kemp Bone Rubbed Ash Baseball Bat

Rawlings Velo Matt Kemp Game Day Ash Wood Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Matt Kemp Game Day Ash baseball bat is made from ash and now features a new Burn & Bone process for increased performance. A pro cupped end provides a great swing to weight ratio.

Rawlings MAUER Big Stick Joe Mauer Game Day Ash Wood Baseball Bat

Crafted with Burn and Bone Ash Wood, this large profile Joe Mauer Big Stick is a bat that will generate power!

Rawlings built this Joe Mauer with a large, heavy barrel that increases the size and strength of the sweet spot, leaving this Big Stick ready to drop some head when it makes contact! The Big Stick is a power hitters preference, because if you have enough strength to get this beast through the zone… let’s just say it does the rest of the damage for you.

Big Stick Joe Mauer Gameday Ash Features:

  • Burn and Bone Ash Wood

  • Mauer Profile

  • Big Stick Barrel w/ Large Profile

  • 31/32” Handle

Rawlings Ash
• As one of the strongest timbers available, ash is durable and known for its exceptional feel.
• Ash contains a 10-12% moisture content resulting in additional flexibility and whip.
• Ash is porous and lightweight due to its open grain structure.

Rawlings Burn & Bone
Process of burning off raised dead wood fibers, then hardening and sealing the grains with a bone for increased performance.

Rawlings Velo
Balance generates bat speed. Rawlings’ Velo™ bats are best suited for players looking to maximize their swing speed while seeking a more balanced stick.